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《The Most Outstanding Professional Piano Institute of the Year》

Course suiltable for 4+ children, adolescence and adult 

Impromptu Piano Course


Our programme combine activity-based learning and traditional music conservatoire teaching methods.



To attain levels in accordance with the ABRSM Grades and participation in piano competitions.


Freely play their favourite music by ear, without reading music! Famous composers, including Beethoven and Mozart also practice this skill!



Training hand-eye coordination and multitasking!


Stimulating students' creativity! A 3-year-old child will be able to compose their own song!

Composing Music
Playing Piano


Produce a personal Music Album with professional equipment!


Course inspector

To ensure our quality of teaching, the monitoring committee will be
involved in teaching occasionally, monitoring the progress of individual students.

Students choice of music pieces

Students can choose what they want to play in the lesson. Teachers will rearrange the music pieces to fit the student's level.

Free Electronic Piano Rental

Impromptu students are able to rent out electronic pianos for 3 months with no cost. Prolong your rent for $20/month.

Variety of learning styles

We believe the practical side and meeting musical friends are very important in piano learning. Apart from 1 to 1 private lesson, Impromptu students will enjoy different musical activities outside the home.

Reduce Required Practice time

Impromptu Piano Practice Method, makes practicing more efficient and reduces time needed to spend on practicing.

Free Consultation Session

We focus on training their fundamentals such as improving finger dexterity. If you show slow progress in piano learning, there's probably some problems with your fundamentals. Book a free consultation session with us now!

Our tutors

Our tutors are all experienced and have music conservatoire background. All are passionate about working with piano tutoring and are well trained in using the Impromptu teaching methods.

In Home Trial Lesson
Enjoy a 45min Trial Lesson at your home.  ($85)


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4 years old

Mum Mrs Lam

"After learning the improvisation technique, Carson always wants to go to the piano and play songs that he likes. 

Carson has been learning piano with Impromptu for half year and just started composing his first song and he loves the lesson. "

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10 years old

Mum Ms Wong

"Grace has shown great improvement in her piano skills. The Technical Exercise Training session in each lesson do helps a lot! Her fingers are now more flexible.   "

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 11.12.16

Aden Poon

4 years old

Mum Mrs Poon

" There is a great improvement in his Musical Sense and I can see that he started putting emotions into his piano playing. He just won an award in a piano competition."

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Adult student

"The lessons are really fun. The tutor teaches piano through different activities. I especially love Improvisation and Sing-along. "

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Anson Yip

10 years old

Mum Mrs Yip

"After the note reading games, he now can read music very quickly."

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9 years old

Mum Cassie

"My son has been learning piano for two and a half years now. She just passed the grade 3 ABRSM exam with outstanding marks! I really appreciate Miss Leung!'




To ensure our quality of teaching, the monitoring committee will be involved in teaching occasionally, monitoring the progress of individual students.


Our 50 tutors are all individually accomplished and passionate about piano tutoring. They are well trained in using Impromptu teaching methods.


Georgios Vardakis

Master of piano performance

'' One of the brightest and most dynamic pianist-teacher currently active in the UK''...


Georgia is a piano performer and senior Piano educator Georgios. He performed in UK and Greece over the past year. His pano concerts include a tour of 32 concerts around UK in 2019.  He graduated from University of Anthen and Trinity college of Music. During his study, he had been awarded with two Music Schorlarships. His awards include the Third prize in 2007, the Panhellenic Piano competition.

For the last 10 years. For the last six years, he has been working with the Fireworks music school, the East London Piano school and Royal Hill Music Academy. 

_84A7615-73 (1).jpg

Mahsa Salali

Master of piano performance

"She was like a piano puppet master – authoritative, passionate – completely in control. She played Frederic Rzewski Piano Piece IV -  I’ve never heard a piano sound like that – it was percussive, exciting, light, dark and real and Mahsa was utterly mesmerising." ...Herbert Magazine UK

Masha is a pianist and music event curator in London. She was the curator of Music and Art Festival in Trinity Laban. Over the years, she won a lot of Prizes in piano competition  including the John Halfford Piano Competition.

Christy10224_R (1)_edited.jpg

Christy Kam

Bachelor of piano performance

Master of Arts

" She Captured the stillness, and created beautiful atmosphere. Very musical, and moving.” … Deniz Gelenbe, judge of International Chamber Music Competition in Paris

Christy is a classical music pianist, film music writer and Music event curator. During her time in London, she is the founder of West meet East Ensemble and curated different music shows which collaborated with visial arts. Back in Hong Kong in 2014, Christy worked as the music course designer in different music schools. Christy is also a film music and works with 2012 “Hong Kong Film Music award” winner Wai Kai Leung. She has been cooperated with different movie stars such such as Ken Hung, Maggie Shiu and  Michelle Wai. Her current directed music shows include the Papillon Sparkling Rainbow Charity Show, UpBeat Christmas Night, and serveral musicals. 


“Impromptu” is a style of classical music. It is a special form where the performer can be creative and add in their own elements within the context of the piece. We aim to bring in the joy of music to students' lives.

We integrate Improvisation training with classical piano teaching method. With Improvisation training, not only it will be more fun, student will also develop better sense of music and improve their concentration. 


We aim to light the spark and nurture the interest of music in children and adult. Our founder, Christy, graduated from London Trinity College of Music, majoring in piano performance. After graduation she focused on combining activity-based learning and music conservatoire methods of piano training, to ensure students learn quickly and effectively.


At Impromptu, we believe passion is very important to one's success. We will show you how interesting music can be and ignite that flame. If you are learning piano but is not progressing well or losing interest already, we can also help you find the passion needed to continue.


Home Lesson Hot Line

WhatsApp: (+852) 9280 6102

Causeway Bay Impromptu Music Centre

WhatsApp: (+852) 9323 9729

201 Empire Court, 2-4 Hysan Ave, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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